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Good and Substantial discusses all things related to Marylanders' rights of armed self defense and gun ownership. The title is a reference to Maryland's subjective and erroneous requirement that one have a "good and substantial reason" to be issued a wear and carry permit.

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Changes to Legal Handgun Carry in Maryland

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Currently, the Maryland General Assembly is considering bills that would change State law on Maryland Wear and Carry permits. SB 1 passed the Maryland Senate by wide margin on March 13th and has been sent to the House for consideration. The House has also passed HB 824,  which would double current permit fees, and affect background investigations and impose new disqualifiers on the possession of regulated firearms. However, both bills could change before becoming law. Below, is a guide on what SB 1 would do, in its current form, should it become law. This would be in addition to the places already off limits as covered in our State and Local weapons laws guide.

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