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AGC "Range Day"
Sunday, October 10, 2021, 08:00am - 12:00pm
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From Rick Hensley, Executive VP of the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore:

AGC Range Badge Members,

AGC will conduct a "Range Day" on October 10, 2021 from 0800-1200.

AGC has a tradition of volunteering a few days a year to improve the range facilities and keep Range Badge costs down. We ask that you bring work clothes, gloves and have the physical ability to do some basic work which may include painting, cleaning up brush or weeds, pressure washing, light carpentry, cleaning out target holders, etc. AGC will have a coordinator on each field and have specific tasks to be worked on through the morning.

Please sign in at the Barnes Range at 745 and receive your field assignment. AGC will be offering range badge credits for all volunteers. Range badge credits will count towards your 2022 range badge. 40 range badge credits = free range badge. Pizza and dogs will be available in the Barnes Range house at 1230 for all volunteer

Please email  if you can make it. 

Rick Hensley
Executive Vice President Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore

Location 11518 Marriottsville Road Marriottsville, MD 21104

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Novotny v. Moore - Challenge to 2023 SB 1

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On behalf of our members and in partnership with the Second Amendment Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition, Maryland Shall Issue and three individual plaintiffs are challenging unconstitutional aspects of SB 1, the so-called “Gun Safety Act of 2023” in the US District Court for the District of Maryland. SB 1 effectively nullifies the "general right to carry in public" for carry permit holders confirmed by the Supreme Court's decision NYSRPA v. Bruen just this last June. It does so by banning firearms in a whole host of locations otherwise open to the public, including places like stores and shops, restaurants, museums, and healthcare facilities. The suit also challenges the general ban on possession of firearms on public transit owned or controlled by the State Mass Transit Administration and in the tens of thousands of acres of woodlands in State parks, State forests, and State Chesapeake forest lands. We have every confidence that we will prevail in whole or in part in this suit.

Find the complaint in Novotny v. Moore HERE.

A guide on the effects of the recent changes to legal handgun carry in Maryland can be found HERE.

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